Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Newski membership cost?

$10 annually.

How long does the membership last?

The $10 is for one year. You need to renew your membership annually. 

Do I have to be a UNSW student to be a member?

No, anyone can join Newski! Even USYD students!

What does my membership get me?

Your annual membership gets you access to all our events throughout the year and of course access to the bar tabs/free alcohol at those events!

How can I prove I’m a member?

If you sign up at OWeek you will receive a goodie bag and a membership sticker for your student card. If you sign up online, you can collect a membership sticker in person at any of our events.

What is included in the trip ticket price?

Our trips really are a one stop shop for everything you need to send it for 10 days. The following is included in the ticket price:

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Travel insurance
  • Lift passes
  • Airport transfers
  • Ski field transfers
  • Punch every night
  • One team dinner
  • Tripper hoodie
  • Rental hire discounts
  • Beverage and food deals at our Queenstown (New Zealand) and Hakuba (Japan) venue partners

Can I choose who is in my room on trip?

Trippers will be sent a roomie preferences form and we will organise the rooms based on preferences.

Are the rooms on trip mixed gender?

Yes, the rooms are mixed.

Will there be refunds if the trip is cancelled due to COVID19?

Yes, there will be full refunds if the trip is cancelled due to COVID19 so you can book worry free!

Can I get a refund for the trip if I change my mind?

If you can no longer go on trip, we will do our best to fill your spot from our waitlist. If we are successful in finding a person to take on your ticket then you will be given a full refund except for a $500 admin fee, which we use for the name changes on the insurance and flights. If we are unable to find someone to take your spot, you will lose the entire $600 deposit but will receive a refund for the other instalments you have paid.


Can I get a refund if I can no longer go on the trip due to injury or emergency?

If you can no longer go on trip due to unforeseen circumstances, you are able to receive a full refund through the travel insurance company we use. Be please aware, to receive the refund you must pay the full trip amount before your insurance can be issued. Newski itself is unable to refund you in this situation.

Can I come on trip if I’m not a Newski member?

Yes you can but it costs $140 more if you are not a member so we recommend paying the $10 to become a member before you sign up.


Can I change my flights so they depart or arrive in a different location or so I can stay in Queenstown a little longer?

Yes you can. Our travel agent is very flexible. Once you’ve paid your deposit shoot us a message and we can put you in touch with him!

Can I only come for half of the trip? If so, can I receive a discount?

While we’re excited that you’re keen to come with us, you would be missing a significant portion of the trip. Not only would we be unable to offer the trip at a lower price, but you’d be taking the places of other Newskiers who would be staying for the whole duration. Furthermore, if we allow everyone the opportunity to leave early or arrive late, it would affect the whole group’s experience, and impact the connections/friendships that can be made during the trip.

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