Bill Hadwen

Bachelor of Laws and Commerce

El Presidente. Glorious Leader. King of the Jungle. All titles of mine. Welcome to Newski!


Vice President

Zoe Petridis

Bachelor of Economics 

ZoZo!! The Snow Queen herself!


Tom Greenhill

Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Commerce

Also known as B2 or Tall Tom, as the resident Taswegian you’ll either find me complaining about the heat or under a pile of various construction accoutrements thanks to B1.

My passions are (in descending order): Boags Red, IPA’s with Fergus, Newski and Engineering. If I can offer one piece of advice – don’t take any video recommendations from B1!


Kaia Saxby

Crazy person.

Kaia is literally insane.

Sponsorship Director

Liam Biddle

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) / Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

My name is Darren Lockyer and I love NRL. Whether you find me on the slopes, on the decks or on the floor at Winnies, always be careful with your beving hand around me. I’m the Sponsorship Director for NEWSKI, so I’ll procuring endless amount of advertising, merch and free bevs which I may or may not consume.



Media Co-ordinator

Canadian Ben


I’m Canadian Ben!

Japan Co-ordinator

Josh Navra

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering(Honours)


New Zealand Co-ordinator

Alex Bohm

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours)

As New Zealand coordinator, I’ll be planning your big sends down Cardrona’s sketchiest black runs, and your even bigger sends down the stairs of Queenstown’s nightclubs.

A self-proclaimed speed demon, I have been known to wipe out other Newskiers in order to win a race, but I don’t seem to be in a rush to figure out what a chemical engineer actually does because I’m still not too sure.

  • Refunds will be provided if either COVID-19 or border circumstances cancel the trip.
  • If you purchase a ticket and can no longer attend the trip, you must find a suitable replacement to receive a refund. Once the replacement has paid the full fare, you will receive a refund equal to the amount paid by you, minus a $500 administrative fee.
  • For those who have selected to pay the initial deposit only:
    – Payments (after the deposit) will be made through our website.
    – You agree to be contacted by email and SMS for reminders of these upcoming payments.
    – You agree to pay the next instalments of the trip fare on time, at risk of losing your spot on the trip in the event of non-compliance and forfeiting the amount already paid.
  • Your travel insurance will only be issued once the full trip fare has been paid.
  • There are opportunities to express room preferences, and while all attempts will be made to accommodate every request, the final room allocations will be determined by the executive team.
  • The itinerary will be emailed to you a month prior to the trip starting date.

 If you have further questions, email or DM us on social media.